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Beachscape Property applies a fresh approach to real estate whereby the overall experience will be more fulfilling for all involved. You can expect ease of engagement, excellent value, and extraordinary service throughout the process. Communication and direct feedback keep you in the loop at all times.

Selecting an agent is like picking your favorite shell

Selecting the right agent comes down to personal preference.  It’s like collecting shells on the beach, there are many to choose from that fit your needs,  you pick what you like best. Later at home, you assess them more closely again, ditch a few and select your favorite.

There are many good agents in our region, all are professional, qualified, and have amazing records.  We all have databases of qualified buyers. We all predict good results, yet experiences vary.  Are you getting the best result you could get?

Attention to detail counts

Apart from achieving the best results, in the end, it comes down to the small things, the crucial details that you will remember the rest of your life when working with an agent in selling your property. Working with Beachscape Property you will:

  • receive an end-to-end service with a personal touch
  • experience ease of communication and active follow-up
  • feel valued and receive great value for money

At Beachscape Property we are gifted in capturing and portraying the unique features of your property. You are so used to your home, and may not see what we see with a different perspective.  That’s why we are here. A home needs to have identity and character, to achieve the highest possible price. We work with you together to display this to prospective buyers.  All without you losing control, i.e. you will still recognise your own home.

We apply a tailored marketing strategy for your property and give advice to only spend money where you really need to.

We are independent, we are a locally run female-led agency, we do not have the pressures of larger corporations.

We have your interest at heart:

More time. As a boutique agency, we truly care and work with a select number of clients at one time to ensure we can dedicate more time to each client.

Any time. We are available after hours, we do not have a 9 to 5 mentality, we are here for you.

All the time.  We pride ourselves on consistent, open, and honest communication and a quick turnaround. We don’t hide information in emails, we simply pick up the phone. ​

We look forward to working with you.

Our values

We care about our clients and staff. We love what we do! Today’s world is online, mobile, and often impatient. Yet, personal communication including old-fashioned phone calls is our key to success.  As a boutique agency, we are dedicated to building trusted relationships. We care about the journey, yours and ours! We are here to support each other.

We make things easy. We are responsive including after hours. We provide you with an end-to-end service, we go the extra mile. Great service does make a difference.

All roads lead to Rome, or should I say greater Port Macquarie? We think out of the box and assess options to achieve your goals and advise on the best one.  We change tactics as planned or when needed.  We challenge the one-size-fits-all approach and offer freedom of choice.

We aim high and sign up to do a quality job every time. We engage more deeply in order to achieve stellar results. We don’t settle for mediocre. You can expect a forward-thinking team that provides you with a clear opinion underpinned by experience and facts

Let your money work best for you. We only spend where needed and offer all-inclusive packages. Easy. Done.

Selling – 7 steps process

Getting to know each other and your property. We will discuss how we can get the most value out of your home and how to make this happen.

Fine tuning details: confirm the method of sale, list price and marketing strategy. Complete checklist. Assign jobs.

Working together to get your home ready for sale, photo/video and online listing

Open home, inspections, market feedback. Typically 4-6 weeks duration

Start receiving offers, and depending on the method of the sale start negotiating (not applicable to auction sales), select the best offer. The hardest part is behind you now! Contracts are exchanged, buyers' deposits taken. Settlement occurs generally in 45 days

Work towards handing over your property to new owners on ‘settlement day’.

Congratulations – it is time for celebration, keys are exchanged, money is in your bank and your next adventure awaits!